I received my Ecrix VXA drive earlier this week and finally got it up and 
running Thursday afternoon. Fortunately one of the items I'd added to my 
SuperMac S900 was an E100 card, which provides 100Base-T ethernet and a 
fast-wide SCSI port.

Unfortunately, the VXA drive ships with a data tape, a cleaning tape, a 
power cord, a terminator, a copy of Retrospect, but no SCSI cable. 
CompUSA didn't have anything in stock, but I stopped by a local computer 
shop on the way home -- the necessary 68-pin (computer end) to 50-pin 
SCSI cable was in stock at $32, probably less than CompUSA would have 

Until now, my only backups at home were sporadic and used Zip disks. Top 
speed was 47 MB/min.

Using the VXA drive, I've had speeds of 115.3 to 150.7 MB/min. for the 
initial backup of the various partitions and drives in my S900.

This compares nicely with our backup server at work, a Blue G3/300 with 
AIT. Backup speeds go as high as 207.3 MB/min. from the local drive using 
fast-wide SCSI. (The VXA drive is only fast, not wide.)

I have a Retrospect Client 10-pack on order from Outpost.com (one of the 
best prices, and it includes overnight shipping). I'll see how that 
compares to network backup here at work, but have to keep in mind that 
work is mostly 100Base-T switched ethernet while home is a shared 
bandwidth 10Base-T hub.

Overall, I'm impressed with the VXA drive. I can understand it not 
shipping with a SCSI cable, since there are so many possibilities, but 
which that had been clear when I ordered it. The drive is large and 
finished in gray and white to complement the G4.

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