Thanks for posing this question. Your approach is a viable option, but I'd
be more inclined to use a file backup set for the sake of continuity and
security. You'd be treating the drives as removable disks, while they're
meant to be fixed media, and as such you have to rely on the drive mounting
for integrity of the backup set. If you should lose your catalog for
instance, and the drive does not mount properly or is not recognized during
the recatalog, your entire backup set may be unusable.

A more reliable method would be using each drive as the destination for a
file backup set to which you would perform incremental backups. While this
still leaves you with three backup sets and three copies of your data, as
neither file backups nor duplicates can span volumes, I recommend having
more than one backup set in any case. This method could easily use media
rotation, or better yet a backup server script could be designed so that
backup happens to whichever drive is connected when the script starts.

If you are concerned about space, of course, you could always segment your
backups so that different data is stored on each drive. For example, you
might have your system on one drive, personal data on another, and work
material on the third.  This allows for incremental backups without being

Hope that helps!


Irena Solomon
Technical Support Specialist
Dantz Development Corporation

> From: Samuel Sharp <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
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> Date: Tue, 5 Sep 2000 13:55:28 -0400
> To: retro-talk <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>,   "Eric Ullman
> Subject: Re: 16 MB catalog limit in 4.3
> HI!
> I'm using Retrospect 4.3, an iBookSE and 3 VST USB Hard drives (6 gigs each).
> At present I'm using the "duplicate" feature. This results in 3 backup
> sets. However, I can't leave the USB connectors in hubs because the VST
> drives appear to each have their own desktops and the result is clutter.
> Would you recommend - is it possible - that I use the three VST external
> drives for one big incremental backup set. If so, I know it wouldn't be a
> Macintosh file, which is contained on one disk. However, would it be like
> using Jaz or Zip disks?
> I guess my question is what is the best way to back up with the new large
> size (6 gig each, for 18 gigs total; iBook has 6 gigs too) external
> drives under USB? I can't keep them all connected at the same time,
> unless perhaps, doing a normal incremental backup would avoid the destop
> clutter problem. Otherwise, I would just keep one plugged in at a time.
> Would 4.3 know to jump to the next VST drive when one got filled up?
> Thank you in advance for any time and effort in answering my question. I
> want the best backup scheme possible, which is why I'm using Retrospect
> to begin with. :-)
> Best regards,
> Samuel Sharp
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