Let me jump in gentleman and give a bit of feedback.  Dantz has seen no
complaints or incompatibilities thus far where the AutoPak is concerned.  As
of today we fully support the AutoPak on both platforms provided you are
using 4.2 Mac/5.1 Windows or later.  For the mac product I would strongly
recommend using Retrospect 4.3 as it greatly enhances the performance of the
Ecrix VXA drive.

What I would suggest Robert is getting you in contact with someone at Ecrix
that could answer any preliminary questions as well as any technical
questions you may have concerning the stability of the AutoPak on a Mac G3
using Retrospect.  I will get someone to contact you directly via email.

Mark, I would ask that you get in touch with our tech support department on
your issue so we can determine where things on your end are going wrong.  I
would contact tech support via email ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) seeing that
you are in the UK, but if you would like to do it via phone here's the
number to call, +1.925.253.3000 then choose option 1.

I hope this helps.


Shawn Stuckey
Business Development Manager
Dantz Development Corporation


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Robert Cooper
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Well i was hoping to run it from a Beige G3!  Sounds like their may be some
problems though.
Thank you for your input!

>> Does anyone have experience with the VXA autoPAK system?  If so, how has
>> performed for you?
>> Thank you for any feedback.  :-)
>> Sincerely,
>> Robert Cooper
>> MIS Director
>> Renaissance TTP, Inc.
> Not exactly your answer, but Yes, I DO have an autopak.  I'm TRYING to run
> it off an Apple Mac G4 (OS 9.0.4)  but the G4 doesn't see the damn thing!!
> What server type are you (looking to) running it from?
> Mark Witrylak
> Computer Support Team

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