I'm using Retrospect 4.3, an iBookSE and 3 VST USB Hard drives (6 gigs each).

At present I'm using the "duplicate" feature. This results in 3 backup
sets. However, I can't leave the USB connectors in hubs because the VST
drives appear to each have their own desktops and the result is clutter.

Would you recommend - is it possible - that I use the three VST external
drives for one big incremental backup set. If so, I know it wouldn't be a
Macintosh file, which is contained on one disk. However, would it be like
using Jaz or Zip disks?

I guess my question is what is the best way to back up with the new large
size (6 gig each, for 18 gigs total; iBook has 6 gigs too) external
drives under USB? I can't keep them all connected at the same time,
unless perhaps, doing a normal incremental backup would avoid the destop
clutter problem. Otherwise, I would just keep one plugged in at a time.

Would 4.3 know to jump to the next VST drive when one got filled up?

Thank you in advance for any time and effort in answering my question. I
want the best backup scheme possible, which is why I'm using Retrospect
to begin with. :-)

Best regards,

Samuel Sharp

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