At 2:57 PM +0200 9/14/00, jakob krabbe wrote:
>  >That is what I do. I have a "laptop backup" tape that runs off a
>>backup server from 9:00 to 3:00, then at 3:00 I switch to my nightly
>>backup tape (changes depending on the night, and the week).
>Sounds reasonable. I think I'll tune in my server clock to someting similar.
>>And yes, if you're backing up everything to one tape, and recycling
>>it, then you are erasing what the server did during the day.
>Just checking, reverse is not true? My overnight backup is not overwritten
>during the day...?

It all depends on what type of backup you're doing.

A Normal Backup appends to new data to the tape.

A Recycle Backup erases the tape and starts over.

A New Media Backup makes a new backup set on new media.

[good descriptions are on page 60-61 of the copy of the manual I 
have, which I think was 4.2]

>Also, which tape of the week do you save? I have two "monday tapes" that I
>cyckle and I'm planning to increase that to four tapes... I'm still in
>backup-tune-in-mode and I have a feeling mondays are not the best days...??
>What day works best for you?

Well, I inherited the backup system from my predecessor, and I will 
probably change it if we get our funding grant renewed in December. 
What we do currently is this:

Week 1 - Normal backup, Monday through Thursday, on a tape for each 
day. On Friday we do a recycle backup that copies everything.

Week 2 - same as Week 1, with a different set of tapes.

Weekends currently do a full server backup to hard drives. This is 
one of the things we'll change with the refunding...getting an 
autoloader or something to do the server backup/tape change on the 

We also use a separate tape for laptop backups during the day (as 
mentioned earlier).

As it stands right now, we've just made a complete switch to new 
tapes for the Monday-Thursday backups, and we started this with new 
tapes in March. I should also mention that we only backup a user's 
Documents folder, and they are instructed to put anything 
work-related that needs to be saved in there. We also do the 
bookmarks.html file. Everything else is (mostly) standard for 
applications, so if there is a problem, we can restore a user 
relatively easily.

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