At 9:53 AM +0200 9/14/00, jakob krabbe wrote:
>Discussed on this list earlier:
>Run retrospect server on portables during day and stationaries dyring night
>where backup source = VXA.
>If I change tape in the morning, doesn't the recykled nigh backup overwrite
>the portables!?
>Maybe I'm better off changing the tape at night after the portables have
>been backed up but before the nighshift starts?

That is what I do. I have a "laptop backup" tape that runs off a 
backup server from 9:00 to 3:00, then at 3:00 I switch to my nightly 
backup tape (changes depending on the night, and the week).

And yes, if you're backing up everything to one tape, and recycling 
it, then you are erasing what the server did during the day.

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