>We use a 13-tape rotation. We swap tapes during the day on Monday, full
>(recycle) backup on Monday night, normal backups Tue-Sat nights. In
>addition, we have an FTP server offsite with one FTP backup set on it. Every
>two weeks we do a recycle backup to it over the weekend (takes anywhere from
>24-36 hours, typically) with normal backups every evening.

Seems like you're a step ahead of us...

Exactley how much data are we refering to here? What bussines are you in,
and what type of tapes are we takling about?

We're an advertisement agency, backing up clients only (at the moment we
have no server) and approximatley 20 - 30 GB as total... Gee, I have no clue!

FTP:ing stuff off-site seems little overkill for us, but if the VXA we
bought was shipped with an autoloader I wouldn't look in to getting a
tapedrive with an autoloader...!

Actually, I don't like backups that are so much human dependent as the one
we use. Changing tapes daily can't be scripted and that's why it sucks... ;-)


/ jakob

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