>That is what I do. I have a "laptop backup" tape that runs off a 
>backup server from 9:00 to 3:00, then at 3:00 I switch to my nightly 
>backup tape (changes depending on the night, and the week).

Sounds reasonable. I think I'll tune in my server clock to someting similar.

>And yes, if you're backing up everything to one tape, and recycling 
>it, then you are erasing what the server did during the day.

Just checking, reverse is not true? My overnight backup is not overwritten
during the day...?

Also, which tape of the week do you save? I have two "monday tapes" that I
cyckle and I'm planning to increase that to four tapes... I'm still in
backup-tune-in-mode and I have a feeling mondays are not the best days...??

What day works best for you?


/ jakob

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