I'm experiencing similar behavior between an PowerMac G3 (platinum) server
and a G4 client.  We are using AppleTalk as the protocol.  The problem seems
to have worsened since moving offices, and moving Retrospect to a different
system.  We now have much better cabling, and a new hub.  But we still see
these errors (-1028) at night, and never during the day.  We've tried
putting machines in Retrospect shutdown mode, leaving them on, leaving them
in Energy Saver...  still haven't figured it out.   It's been going on for
months.  I plan on trying to upgrade all the Retrospect software next (I
think we are on 4.2 now), and maybe trying TCP/IP, but I don't expect that
to help.  

Any fresh ideas out there?

Phil Geller
voice: 650 493-8689
fax:   650 493-8587

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