At 4:00 PM +0200 9/14/00, jakob krabbe wrote:
>  >As it stands right now, we've just made a complete switch to new
>>tapes for the Monday-Thursday backups, and we started this with new
>>tapes in March. I should also mention that we only backup a user's
>>Documents folder, and they are instructed to put anything
>>work-related that needs to be saved in there. We also do the
>>bookmarks.html file. Everything else is (mostly) standard for
>>applications, so if there is a problem, we can restore a user
>>relatively easily.
>So you don't have a server to put all you work on as well?

Actually, we do, and those are part of the normal backup. However, 
it's just really starting to come into more use...when I got here 
(Feb. 99), hardly anyone was using it.

>We backup *everything* on every mac client. PC's are just selected folders.
>(Gee I think windows is such a crappy OS, still it's the only OS I've used
>for the past three years!)

We have so few Windows boxen here that there isn't much to backup on 
them. They are mostly servers, and we specify which specific folders 
are backed up on those.

>I have found out that microsoft outlook on macs are extremely hd comsuming
>since all attatchments that are sendt nad recived are saved in one giant
>file! We oftten send xAds to news magazines and that mail-file alone can
>easily take up a couple of gigs of our backup...

Brown uses Eudora as its standard email program, so we just store the 
Eudora Folder (not the app folder) in the user's documents folder.

And we also highly encourage our users to delete attachments regularly.

And lastly, I've excluded any file ending in .mp3 from *all* of our backups. ;)

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