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>Thanks for that one statement Eric...it means a lot ;-)
>On 10/24/00 10:31 AM, "Eric Ullman" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> One thing, which I forgot to mention...
>> It is our intention to bring the new architecture to the Mac product line.

     Just how much does it mean? I've been more than just a little 
concerned about this NT business. I see lots of talk, but when push comes 
to shove the big changes and features (like that unix client we've been 
screaming for over the past several years) appear on windoze. This thread 
started with a mail glorifying all the wonderful things that NT does, and 
didn't bother to mention these coming to Mac, even as an afterthought-it 
took another message. My cynical side says this was after a few love 
letters from the rabid mac crowd, although I'll concede that the original 
posts are only 7 minutes apart and that it may therefore be a legit 

     Worse, the original message states that Dantz is "Carbonizing 
Retrospect for Mac OS X right now". Whoopie. You mean I can run the 
feature poor bastard stepchild on X once it's carbonized? 

**How about the highly touted new architecture?!?! When is THAT being 

Or, better yet, made native to X-if it requires lots of rewrite, this 
would be the time to go Cocoa/YellowBox, or whatever Apple's marketing is 
calling it this week. At the very best, it looks to me like the Mac, the 
very foundation upon which Dantz was built, is now a second class citizen 
to NT. At the worst, the vague assurances will evaporate when NT reaches 
critical mass. From my viewpoint, it appears that Dantz, like many other 
companies, have committed their developer resources to windoze, and it's 
not much of a leap from there to no support at all for the Mac. I've seen 
it all too many times before.

     I hope I'm just paranoid. I did live through the dark days of 
Amelio, and maybe I'm too sensitive because of it. I *like* Retrospect on 
the Mac, which is why I get so worked up over the possibility of its 
demise. My company has a sizeable investment in Retrospect, as do I 
personally, which is why these events worry me. I will continue to wait 
patiently, as I have for some time now, for substantial proof of the 
Dantz commitment to it's existing Mac base. PLEASE, Dantz, throw us a 
bone, something tangible like a beta release, and prove me wrong.

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