I understand what it means to be passionate about one's chosen computing
platform. If you look at the header of my emails, you'll see:

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I came to work here because of Dantz's reputation in the Mac industry.

In addition, it's now very exciting for us to bring Retrospect to the
Windows market! Nothing like it exists, and users have been forced to live
with unreliable, archive bit-based backup applications since DOS 2.1 (or
thereabouts). We have an opportunity here to give an awful lot of people
backup software that they can count on--thanks to our experience on the Mac.

So don't look at Mac Retrospect as the "poor bastard stepchild." It's
actually the proud parent of Retrospect for Windows. We're steadfastly
committed to the Mac platform. If you doubt me, please click on over to
http://www.apple.com/macosx/applications/, and scroll down the left side of
the page.

Thanks, Ed. I know you wouldn't have posted your thoughts if this didn't
matter to you. We appreciate the feedback, and I hope I've alleviated some
of your concerns.

Very best regards,

Eric Ullman
Dantz Development

Edmund A. Hintz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

>    I hope I'm just paranoid. I did live through the dark days of
> Amelio, and maybe I'm too sensitive because of it. I *like* Retrospect on
> the Mac, which is why I get so worked up over the possibility of its
> demise.

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