Ahh, yes. 

Kind of like marrying a woman to put you through med school and then
divorcing her when you get your degree. "Sorry hon, there's so many of these
cute young nurses who want to get to know me better."

Unfortunately Mac users who *supported and built* any long time mac product
can't sue for alimony when that product decides to dump Mac support and
*target* a larger market.

Fortunately there can be some repurcussions - look at what happened to Avid.

I personally believe that Dantz will continue a Mac version of Retrospect.

on 10/25/2000 12:12 PM, Thone, Bradley A (Sbcsi)  wrote:

> Hard reality is that the Mac itself is relegated to virtually "niche"
> utility.
> Another hard reality is that Mac users are *very much* a minority, compared
> to Windows users.
> If you were in a business to market products (and make money), which users
> would you target????

Nick Scalise

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