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> Hard reality is that the Mac itself is relegated to virtually "niche"
> utility.
> Another hard reality is that Mac users are *very much* a minority, compared
> to Windows users.
> If you were in a business to market products (and make money), which users
> would you target????

I would target the group of users who, per capita, buy more computer gadgets
and software, require less technical support, and are more likely to be
vocal about their favorite products.

In other words, Mac users.

In fact, if you will recall, Dantz did rather well even when they were
delivering a Mac-only product. That's a hard reality.

Mass-marketing has its place, but any second-year marketing major would
laugh out loud at the idea of marketing only to the masses.
Industrial-strength backup software is not a mass-market commodity. Ten
percent of any market is hardly "niche" and I think, were you to compare the
number of Mac OS vs. Windows users who understand (and can implement) backup
strategies, your "hard reality" would come up a bit soft.

So, please, do away with the "Mac users really don't matter" tripe. It's
both unfriendly and inaccurate, not to mention off-topic.

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