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>We've got a great road-map for the Mac products, and we're very committed to
>them and the Macintosh market. Mac OS X is clearly a major opportunity, and
>we look at its potential with a certain glee. I think Mac OS X is going to
>mark the real marketshare turning point for Apple.
>We also know we're finally going to get some competition, and we welcome it.
>But it also means we need to be at least a little bit strategic about what
>we disclose!
>Don't think we're neglecting the Mac, now or later. We're not, and we won't.
>Larry Zulch
>President & CEO
>PS: We made it through Apple's rough times relatively unscathed solely on
>Mac revenue. I'm convinced it was because of the passion of the userbase.
>Hell, it sure wasn't because Apple was helping at that point. So thank you!

     Fair enough. If you care enough to write to a forum of geeks (which 
right there says a helluva lot more than many CEOs I've worked with), I 
feel it's only fair we exercise our patience. As long as you're at the 
helm and personally committed, I'm willing to wait it out. 

     Just one request: please don't make us wait too long. I hate using 
Arkeia to backup my linux boxes. It's so...wrong.  ;-)

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