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>Thanks, Ed. I know you wouldn't have posted your thoughts if this didn't
>matter to you. We appreciate the feedback, and I hope I've alleviated some
>of your concerns.

     I appreciate the reassurance. I understand that you, and doubtless a 
rabid contingent at Dantz, are Mac fans. You don't worry me at all, and 
I'm quite grateful you're there. Here's the scenario that DOES worry me: 
while building the Winbloze version and neglecting the Mac, the momentum 
shifts. At some point, some arrogant pinhead in upper mgmt says something 
like this: "It's going to cost too much to upgrade the Mac version, for 
too small a return, when we already have a thriving NT product. Besides, 
the Mac users will buy an NT box to get all the new features anyway, 
because we're the best solution. After all, the Windows users used to buy 
Macs to run the server, right?" Thus, the Mac version dies. Hell, if 
Motorola can go all NT/Intel even when they design and make the PowerPC 
chips, this scenario isn't even all that far fetched. Because I've seen 
it all before, I'm pretty cynical, and naturally adopt the "show me the 
money" stance. I sincerely hope that the Mac will again be a priority at 
Dantz. A carbonized version of the proud ol' grandaddy of the NT version 
is not, IMHO, a priority. Frankly, I will continue to reserve judgement 
until I "see the money", such as a beta (hell, even screenshots); for now 
it's all vaporware. Again, PLEASE, *prove me wrong*. That's really what I 
want, you know... Show the world I'm a paranoid looney, and I will 
gratefully shut my annoying little craw and celebrate with them. ;-)

     To sum it all up, "once bitten, twice shy". 

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