Hard reality is that the Mac itself is relegated to virtually "niche"

Another hard reality is that Mac users are *very much* a minority, compared
to Windows users.

If you were in a business to market products (and make money), which users
would you target????


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     I hope I'm just paranoid. I did live through the dark days of 
Amelio, and maybe I'm too sensitive because of it. I *like* Retrospect on 
the Mac, which is why I get so worked up over the possibility of its 
demise. My company has a sizeable investment in Retrospect, as do I 
personally, which is why these events worry me. I will continue to wait 
patiently, as I have for some time now, for substantial proof of the 
Dantz commitment to it's existing Mac base. PLEASE, Dantz, throw us a 
bone, something tangible like a beta release, and prove me wrong.

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