Sorry to bother the list with this, but I need some recommendations 
for a CDR or CDRW SCSI drive that works with Retrospect Express on a 
mac. I checked the supported devices list on the Dantz site but 
unfortunately it doesn't really help since (for example) QPS (make of 
the Que drive) seem to be using totally different part numbers than 
what Dantz is using. Either that or Dantz doesn't support any 
currently shipping QPS drives... Or, for example if I look in the 
MacWarehouse or APS catalogs they don't specify part numbers or OEM 
mechanism part numbers so I have no idea how to reference that item 
with what's on the approved list.

Anyway... this is for a 7100/80 so I'm stuck with SCSI (no nubus USB 
or Firewire cards).

I'm interested in the QPS CD-RW 6x4x24, external SCSI or APS CD-RW 
8x8x24 SCSI Pro2 but don't know if either one works with Retro 
Express... and I'm totally open to any suggestions even if these do 
work with it.

Thanks in advance,
-Greg Morin

Gregory Morin, Ph.D.  ~~~~~~~Research Director~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Seachem Laboratories, Inc.     888-SEACHEM

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