Or you could just compress the files into a stuffit archive with password
protection, then back them up. I am surprised Powerpoint doesn't have built
in password protection the way Excel does.

Jim Cowing
Systems Engineer
Target Corporation

> From: Don Foy <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>> I am trying to archive files (mostly powerpoint) from the server to a
>> cd.  The data contained is highly confidential.  I was wondering if
>> Retrospect is capable of password protecting files during an archive
>> process.  What I am hoping to find is that once the files are archived,
>> to open the files, you must know the password.  If Retrospect does not
>> have these capabilities, is there any other programs available to do
>> this?  Setup:  Blue and White G3, Retrospect 4.2, lots of RAM, up to date
>> firmware.  Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
> Mac OS 9 has encryption capabilities, and while the experts debate just how
> good it is, you might still want to try it. You could encrypt the files
> before you archive them and while users would be able to restore the files,
> they would still have to encrypt them to view them.

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