TimDavid wrote:
>  it really pays to learn all of the "nooks and
> crannies" of the program. I learned a lot of little things that really made
> my life easier about 2 years after I started using Retrospect.  <

I'm a new Retrospect-user, and unlike you power-dudes working with
mega-gigs, I only need to backup my 27GB G4/400.  I'm blown away by how
fast Retrospect is, am really happy with the software ...

Tho' for this app I actually DID read the manual, I know there's always
more ...  Picking the brains of adepts is my preferred method of
learning.  Would you folks share with me the #1 most helpful 'nook or
cranny' you've discovered, or direct me to any now-documented
'undocumented goodies' you've found especially helpful?  

thanks in advance,

     - ilyes

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