>So... the question is, since I am planning to look at the market for
>backup software for bigger systems, would it be reasonable for me to
>include Retrospect in the candidate list? Is anyone on the list backing
>up systems on this scale?
>Any advice welcome.

Hi Ian.

I run a Retrospect backup server that backs up approximately 180 
systems (Mac and PC) every 36 hours, including some Macs I use for 
server purposes.  Backups are done to two DLT7000 drives, with a 
total of about 450GB per month.  Retrospect works like a champ, and I 
would not hesitate to use it on a large-scale project.  As long as 
you have a good backup strategy, Retrospect should do the job nicely.



Chris Freemesser, University of Rochester
Department of Brain & Cognitive Sciences /
       Center for Visual Science
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