I am a relatively new user, have retrospect network pack version 4.0 I have
two sets of clients on my LAN that I wish to be able to backup and would
apprecaite your suggestions.

1-group of powerbook users and office machines that have combined storage of

2-I have 4 dtp stations that need about 6-8GB stored

I have dedicated a machine 7200/75 with dat drive 4GB. Do you think that
this station is able to handle my client set 1 during a daily evenign
session of 12 hours, running over appletalk?

It appears i would have to set up a second server for my dtp users - my dtp
server and clients run on 100 base network - since there are such large
files taht are created through scanning jobs etc, and no pne wants
retrospect to interfere with work during the day what would you suggest is
the best option for backing my dtp clients up?

Thanks for any help
David Chokwenda
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