Is that 6-8Gb each?

If so, unless you don't mind sitting there all night long swapping 
tapes, you should first look into a higher capacity drive.

You should be able to backup all 5 machines in that 12 hours over 
100BaseT fairly easily, but it will depend more on the speed of the 
tape drive.  I suggest getting away from DAT and going something like 
DLT or better.

If you are talking about a total of 8-10 GB, then it should be no 
problem at all.  The 7200/75 should be able to do it just fine. 
Figure on that machine you are probably getting right around 
15-20MB/min.  About  10 GB of data would take roughly 11 hours.

To speed things up you'll need a faster tape drive and faster SCSI, 
I'd also recommend using TCP/IP if you can.

>I am a relatively new user, have retrospect network pack version 4.0 I have
>two sets of clients on my LAN that I wish to be able to backup and would
>apprecaite your suggestions.
>1-group of powerbook users and office machines that have combined storage of
>2-I have 4 dtp stations that need about 6-8GB stored
>I have dedicated a machine 7200/75 with dat drive 4GB. Do you think that
>this station is able to handle my client set 1 during a daily evenign
>session of 12 hours, running over appletalk?
>It appears i would have to set up a second server for my dtp users - my dtp
>server and clients run on 100 base network - since there are such large
>files taht are created through scanning jobs etc, and no pne wants
>retrospect to interfere with work during the day what would you suggest is
>the best option for backing my dtp clients up?
>Thanks for any help
>David Chokwenda
>Pre Press/ Systems Admin
>Action Magazine
>Mukuvisi Environemnt Centre
>Hillside ext/Glenara Ave. South

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