What are you getting now for the backup times on the local machine?

That's a pretty good indication of the top speed of your system 
usually.  If the log shows 15MB/Min, just take the total amount 
backed up and divide it by 15MB and you will get the total minutes it 

So, for 8-10GB you are talking about 9 to 11 hours to back it up at 15MB/min.

I'm getting right around 100MB/Min for mine.

>thanks for your email. Yes its a total of 6-8gb for all dtp machines - i am
>deliberately forcing my users to keep the required backup files to a limit
>of 2GB each - so you think that one server should be able to handle all
>What i was thinking initially was to use the 7200/75 for backing up my
>appletalk clients onto tape - that is max of 2Gb total overnight an dthen
>having a another server hadnle the 8gb over the 100base - Dont thik one
>server could handle both over night or am i wrong?

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