Hello, list!

I've read the manual, reviewed the archives, but I'm still not sure if this is a good 
idea, (or if I completely "get it") so I'd like the list's input:

I'm responsible for a 100bT network with about 50 desktops, 15 laptops and 3 servers, 
backing up to a DDS-3 8 tape autoloader, and perhaps soon to an AIT-II autoloader.  
I've been using a backup script to handle the backups, but it has the problem of 
missing the commonly absent laptops.  I'm looking at using the "backup server" feature 
to access the laptops on demand.  What I'm not clear on is the best way to do it, and 
have 2 ideas:

1) Have a script that backs up all the desktops (user machines and servers) overnight, 
and backup all the laptops via Backup Server starting early in the day. This way, the 
laptops left overnight could get backed up before the users arrive, and those that 
arrive later will get addressed as they're available. However, if I do this, can both 
methods write to the same storage set?

2) Do all the machines via Backup Server.  But is there a way to use Backup Server and 
guarantee that Retrospect won't try to access desktops and servers during the day, but 
only at night?  It seems to me that if I make the active time start at midnight with a 
"backup every 24 hrs" set, it should work that way, but I'm not confident I'm right.

Many thanks for your replies,
Steve Yuroff
Network and System Administrator
The Hiebing Group
Madison, WI.

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