I'm confused here a bit.  My clients only get asked at the beginning 
of the backup.  Not per folder.  Once the backup starts, it's backing 
up until they cancel or it finishes.

Several of the people like to shut down their Macs at night, so they 
choose Shutdown and leave it at the Retrospect shutdown warning 
dialog...which goes into screen saver.  Then after the backup, the 
machine will automatically shutdown.

If a machine is shut off already, obviously, it won't back up at all. 
Laptops that are "sound asleep" won't wake up, but if they are just 
resting they will.  My PC laptop has two sleep modes.  Hibernation 
and normal sleep.  Normal sleep just puts the HD to sleep, screen 
dims and the processor slows down.  Hibernation saves the current 
state to disk and shuts down.  When woke up, it reloads the current 
state and checks for changes (ie. unplugged).

>Don't forget that if you enter 0 in the "Client Countdown" option, the
>client won't get a chance to defer the backup. I have a few users that just
>didn't want to deal with a dialog box for each folder getting backed up on
>their machine. So I set the countdown to zero and they set their CPU usage
>preference to favor them over the backup process and not be notified when
>backup is complete. It's been working well.
>Speaking of this, I have a question about backup server behavior. When a
>user has shut down (Mac) and the client defers it until backup, is the
>machine supposed to stay on until each folder is backed up (like a regular
>backup script) or are backup server scripts designed to shut down after only
>the first folder is backed up? (I'm using groups, by the way.)
>Scott Ponzani

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