Instead of using volumes to backup, use selectors.  Meaning, each 
folder you are backing up is viewed as a volume, so Retrospect 
finishes the backup for that volume and then restarts for the next 

By using selectors instead, you can have it backup the users volume, 
but using selected folders only.  This would make all those messages 
go away, plus I think it would speed the backup up by quite a bit as 
well as it does not have to log off and then log back into the client 
for each folder.

Making a selector to select each folder is fairly easy.  You can also 
make the selector only do the selection on selected laptops. (hehe, 
just had to say that).


>Oh, you know what? I think I'm confusing this with notification that a
>folder was backed up. One of my laptop users has seven folders being backed
>up by a backup server script. He would get a notification for every folder.
>It was annoying. He turned it off in the preferences.
>Yes, the screen saver comes on when a user shuts down and leaves the client
>running. However, I see that with multiple folders all set to be backed up
>by a backup *server* script (not a regular script), the computer gets shut
>down after the first one. Thus, the following folders don't get backed up
>until the next day.
>Scott Ponzani

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