> Hello, list!
> I've read the manual, reviewed the archives, but I'm still not
> sure if this is a good idea, (or if I completely "get it") so I'd
> like the list's input:
> I'm responsible for a 100bT network with about 50 desktops, 15
> laptops and 3 servers, ...

What you want to do is described in relative detail here:


Get the Mobile Computing White paper.

Essentially, here's what you want to do:

1. Create a backup server script (Automate>Scripts>New>Backup Server) that
backs up notebooks all the time (the default).

2. Create another backup server script that backs up desktops between 8PM
and 8AM only.

3. Create a third script that's a regular script that backs up the servers
at your desired start time.

What will happen:

Notebooks will be backed up during the day, as they appear on the network.
Desktops will only be backed up at night. Servers will be backed up when
scheduled (overriding the backup server scripts). When the servers are done,
the backup server scripts will start again.



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