>Essentially, here's what you want to do:
>1. Create a backup server script (Automate>Scripts>New>Backup Server) that
>backs up notebooks all the time (the default).
>2. Create another backup server script that backs up desktops between 8PM
>and 8AM only.
>3. Create a third script that's a regular script that backs up the servers
>at your desired start time.
>What will happen:
>Notebooks will be backed up during the day, as they appear on the network.
>Desktops will only be backed up at night. Servers will be backed up when
>scheduled (overriding the backup server scripts). When the servers are done,
>the backup server scripts will start again.

I'll add to this by saying that your laptop users will have the 
choice of deferring the backups as they come up as well.  Plus, if 
that script is 24 hours, they could choose to have it back up at 
night and leave the laptop connected.

I use 2 scripts.  One for all desktops and servers.  Backs those up 
every night between 7pm and 6am and from Friday at 7pm until 6am 
Monday it does the full backup.

The laptop script uses the same backup set and backs up the laptops 
as they come available or when they schedule to do the backup. 
(setting in the clients).  I've got several laptop users that will 
force a backup before they leave each night or before they go on a 

It works well.  I used to have two different backup sets, but I also 
had a DAT tape changer.  I now use a single DLT drive which has twice 
the capacity of the Changer and my number of clients were cut to 
about 1/4th of what they were.  The data being backed up is about the 
same size though.  Strangely enough...
Backed up about 30 GB with the changer and about 70 machines.  Now, I 
have 20 machines and backup about 35 GB.


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