> Jim Cobb wrote:
> I am using Retro Windows to backup a HP LH4 NT4 server with
> no problems. I cannot upgrade to the latest version (5.15) as
> for some reason the support for the HP DLT drive was dropped
> in that version.


Appreciate your comments.  Which HP DLT drive is that?  We're currently
using a Quantum DLT4000 on a Dell PowerEdge Server and are planning to
replace that with one of the new HP Ultrium drives this summer.  I
thought all of these drives were supported according to the Dantz web page.

For the Mac's we've got Retrospect running on a PowerMac 7500 with an
Exabyte 8mm.  I was thinking I'd still keep the two backups separate but
move the DLT4000 to the Mac when we get the Ultrium for the Dell server.
 Comments?  We're short on capacity now with both systems and no tape
library is or will be available.

> But 5.11 seems to be running with no problems so it's no big
> deal. A big dissapointment is the lack backup to FTP server
> which is so cool on the Mac version.

I never upgraded my Mac version to do that as I didn't see a need for
it.  Do you use that feature and if so, why and how?
> One more annoying thing about Retro Windows is that you cannot
> browse to your target files, you must know the path/name of your
> target directory. 

Not the end of the world but something perhaps they'll address soon.

> And retro cannot not run as a service so somebody
> putzing around with the server could quit out of retro and your
> backup won't take place. I think this was more or less rectified in
> version 5.15, but I'm not sure.

I may look into that further.  ARCserve has a bunch of services running
for all sorts of things but it seems like an awful lot of program(s)
just to do a backup.

> Currently I have no data on server 2000 to give you.

I know of a few folks using it for workstations but not for servers.
> As you know Arcserve is a confusing PITA nightmare of a program and
> I will take Retrospect, warts and all, over that software any day of the
> week.

I started using Retrospect years ago to do Mac backups and it's always
been so much better than any PC backup program I've used.  When they
came out with a PC Retrospect I was glad to see it.

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