Erik Grinaker wrote:
On Wed, 2006-02-15 at 13:25 +1100, Tony and Robyn Lewis wrote:
Also, how about a bank account record?  All countries will be different, 
but you should be able to define one that handles +95% of cases, 
hopefully?  Maybe the fields could be:
 * Name
 * Account name
 * Branch (string, could be branch name, or a numeric code, SORT code 
(UK), BSB (Aus))
 * Account (numeric account number, or string if needed)
 * Password?

Ho hum, not so sure about this. I've had other requests for this as
well, but I don't really see why this should be stored in Revelation.
The data isn't exactly secret (it's public data in Norway, at least),
and I'm sure you'll get a nice overview of your accounts in your banks
web-interface anyways? 

:-) I accept this (I remember it being raised before - might have been by me even).  But I'm getting back to my leaning towards Revelation being my de facto PIM (PIM != calendar or email in this context).  I've got tax file numbers and medicare numbers (Aus), and it suits me well for this purpose.

If the Notes field is there, and it's searchable, then that's gonna be good enough.


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