Yes, it can be used (we used it with SVN as well). Basically it
depends if you want to use pre-commit reviews (code is reviewed and
has to be approved before you commit it in SVN - that's how we use
it). In this case you just make some changes to your working copy of
repository, make diff using SVN, create topic in RB using this patch
then do some necessary iteration (patch's got some bug, you fix it,
update the patch and all over again). When the patch is approved you
just commit it in SVN and that's it.
With post-commit reviews it's similar but I don't use it so can't help
much here. Anyway documentation (
wiki/Documentation) is your friend and you should be able to find all
the answers there :)


On 28 Lis, 21:16, KunalG <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> We use SVN to store our code repositories.
> Can review-board be used by us and if yes, what are the steps involved
> when somebody changes a file.
> I could not find anything, pointer to such thing will also help but it
> should have the answer to above question.
> Thanks,
> Kunal
> On Nov 28, 11:57 am, lindal <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > $ sudo rb-site install /path/to/sitedir
> > $ sudo rb-site install /var/www/
> > after above step, I don't konw how start the appliction and how to
> > access ReviewBoard web site. please help me, thanks!
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