So I created 3 users and added them to default reviewer group. I then
went to Admin section and added the Email settings. I added my gmail
settings and checking use TLS authentication.

According to docs at
since I dont have any mailing list attached to the repository so it
will send mail to everybody in the review board.

After doing the email settings, I went ahead and added a request. For
some reason, the process got stuck when I click on Publish. The
buttons are greyed out and nothing happened. Clicking on "View Diff"
threw up some error for microsecond which I could not read. Then the
publish/discard publish were gone and the patch was correctly

Hoping that the mail was sent, I check my inbox and nothing there.

I repeat the process using the same patch and test and same errors. I
could not read the error :(

Suddenly, it worked. But no mails. I went and checked the email
settings and BAM and everything was gone. The settings were changed to
the default localhost and port 25. Hmm.

I edited the settings and tried to repeat the process and same thing.
First 3-4 times (though I could not repeat the exact number of times)
will give you an error (which will only stay for couple of
microseconds and go off). Then suddenly it works and the email
settings are lost.

Setting the debug value to True as suggested at:

Nothing special happened except that the error stayed for some more
time and I was able to catch a  glimpse:

Publishing of the draft has failed for some reason Error 0 (i think).

Please contact your admin.

If I go and remove the email, then everything works.

Any idea how I can debug this problem?


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