On Oct 12, 2009, at 11:42, Alfred von Campe wrote:

The error I posted yesterday is suddenly gone today; that is, I ran  
post-review again in the same sandbox and the review posted without  
errors.  I have not changed a thing on the server.  Furthermore, when  
I went into the web interface and clicked on "View Diff" for the  
first time, I got a similar stack trace containing "ClientError not  
defined".  However, the second time I clicked on "View Diff" it  
displayed properly.  So it looks like I'm all set to announce this to  
the developers, although it appears to be a little fragile still.  I  
don't like it when things "fix themselves" and I don't understand  
what the underlying problem was (or is) as it will probably come back  
to bite me in the future.  Now if I can just get LDAP or AD  
integration to work...


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