Hi Christian:

> Also, when you saw ClientError from post-review, that was output  
> from the server. So it's the same problem. I'd recommend restarting  
> Apache just in case it is an issue with one or two threads not  
> having imported it successfully.

I thought I had restarted Apache, but perhaps I did not.  I haven't  
seen the error again, so you are probably right.

> I should also mention that the upcoming 1.1 release does a much  
> better job of dependency checking. It's impossible to create a  
> repository entry without first having all the necessary  
> dependencies correctly installed. However, there's nothing we can  
> do about the above problem except to say to restart Apache.

Any idea on the schedule for 1.1?  Is it one day, one week, one  
month, one quarter?


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