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On Tue, Mar 22, 2011 at 6:49 AM, Christian Hammond <chip...@chipx86.com> wrote:
> Hey everyone,
> We've been accepted again this year in Google's Summer of Code, a yearly
> event where students from around the world participate in open source
> projects, developing work experience and getting paid for it.


> We're also looking for ideas for projects, so if you have an idea for
> something awesome you'd like to see, just reply :)
> Thanks!
> Christian

I work as a System Administrator for a large(ish) software engineering
organisation and we are making use of and relying on ReviewBoard
extensively in our software development process.

Thank you for your efforts so far. Working with the Engineers, I more
often hear about where the tool falls short, rather then about all the
other really good things about ReviewBoard that actually works really

The this end, I did an internal survey and came up with the following
suggestions for feature improvements (see below).

Thanks again for everyones efforts,


* Ship-it lockout or reset

If the ship-it option has been selected, then no other changes/diffs
can be uploaded. Comments can still be made, or if a change to the
code is made, then the ship-it tags are removed.

* Master Ship-it

A reviewer (or group) with master ship-it power is all that is
required to designate that a patch be shipped.

* Automated Ship-it patch submission

If a patch is marked as ship-it, than commit it to the repository.
(All of the required information is available, including commit

* Explicitly separate Reviewers from Shippers

A shipper is someone with shipping powers, a reviewer is someone who
is included in the review for comment.


* Bugzilla

Add a bug report comment to a bug once a review has been completed.

* Subversion

Block a check in of a patch/changeset until a review has been approved
(for some definition of approved).


* Allow use of Full Name where usernames are displayed

Reviewboard has access to full names, it should make more use of them.

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