I just meant it as a slightly snarky comment towards Christian Hammond
and his experienced development practices :-p

I know that hiring a talented coder for the Summer of Code project is
a much more organized way of getting something like this done. I'm
just a bit sad that I'll have to wait till August to get some feedback
about how this is going. Hopefully the student hired would like to
maintain a blog about his progress, would be a great way to get some

@Alenxander, I mean no misunderstanding, I have no ill intent, just
eagerness to use this program.

On Mar 22, 6:47 am, Alexander Solovets <asolov...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > You sound experienced. Alright, but it's about time it gets done heh?
> Is this question to me? I feel a little misunderstanding of this conversation 
> =(

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