On 07/03/2014 12:44 PM, shravanthi s wrote:
> Thanks for your reply Stephen.
> I can try creating a review board site in some other location as you
> suggested. Probably in /srv/reviewboard. I had initially used the
> following command to create review board website
> 'rb-site install /var/www/mytest.example.com' . But looks like its
> giving me issues.
> Now i will try the following command 
> 'rb-site install /srv/reviewboard/mytest2.example.com' and then create a
> symbolic link with this newly installed conf file.
> Should i remove the websites i had created in /var/www before creating a
> new website in /srv/reviewboard?
> Also is there any specific reason why it is suggested to create review
> board site in /var/www?
> I cannot disable SELinux temporarily as it is against our company
> policies and there are security concerns related to it. Would it work
> even if i dont disable it?

Well, you can run with SELinux in enforcing (I do) but it requires
making a number of policy tweaks to get SELinux to be aware that the
content in /srv/reviewboard or wherever is allowed to be accessed by the
httpd_t context. It's hard to explain and I am by no means an expert on
the subject.

I might suggest that if you really need this level of support, it would
be worth looking into an RBCommons setup or a support contract from
Beanbag, Inc. (makers of ReviewBoard).[1]

[1] https://www.beanbaginc.com/support/contracts/

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