The apache-wsgi.conf file is owned by root but it has read permissions for 
other users. Also should i create a new reviewboard.conf file in 
/etc/httpd/conf.d? And add this line 'Include /var/www/' in reviewboard.conf file? I do 
not have ssl configured for this machine yet.

On Thursday, 26 June 2014 21:23:34 UTC+5:30, shravanthi s wrote:
> I installed RB 2.0 version on a RHEL 6.5 . I installed all the pre 
> requisites and created RB site and added the line in 
> /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf
> Include /var/www/
> Everything else in httpd.conf is default settings. But am only seeing the 
> directory listing when i browse the website. Is there some other change in 
> httpd.conf that i need to do? i have installed review board on another 
> machine before (older version of course) and it did not need any further 
> changes. 
> Why am i seeing only directory listing when i browse the website? Should i 
> change the document root or something?

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