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Change subject: [tools]: Keep the verbosity of CLI at FATAL and above

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File src/kudu/tools/

PS1, Line 215:   // Set the verbosity of the commands to WARNING(2) and above.
             :   // If the user had explicitly specified verbosity, then user's
             :   // verbosity level is honored. Since '--v' depends on 
             :   // specifying either of them on CLI will override this setting.
             :   if 
(google::GetCommandLineFlagInfoOrDie("minloglevel").is_default &&
             :       google::GetCommandLineFlagInfoOrDie("v").is_default) {
             :     google::SetCommandLineOption("minloglevel",
             :   }
> I'm arguing for more verbosity in anything that is "unexpected" or "abnorma
"I'm arguing for more verbosity in anything that is "unexpected" or "abnormal" 
which is definitely the case for anything WARN or ERROR. For 'INFO' level, I'm 
also saying that if anything is 100% expected, we probably shouldn't bother 
with it."

Thanks for clarifying, but is this your take on the CLI's verbosity? Or on 
general glog verbosity in Kudu?

I'm asking because we don't uphold your INFO-level standard in Kudu in general, 
and I'm not sure if we should: "expected" stuff in the logs still serve as 
useful breadcrumbs, and the timestamps are useful for diagnosing unexpected 
slowdowns or races. For example, opening an FsManager logs the contents of the 
instance PB file at the INFO level. It's completely expected, but the logged 
UUID is useful for matching against peer UUIDs. I'm using this as an example 
because many CLI commands open FsManagers and log this same thing which isn't 
particularly useful in the CLI context.

So going back to my earlier point, I don't see how we can include INFO-level 
logs in the CLI without either logging too much, or removing too much stuff 
that's otherwise useful in server glogs. I'll concede that WARNING-level may be 
reasonable, though there's something to be said for the purity of never logging 
to stderr in normal operation.

Regarding machine-readability, I agree with your points that it's orthogonal to 
stderr logging and that we shouldn't guarantee anything. I'm willing to erode 
the second point for some simple actions (i.e. I don't mind signing on a dotted 
line that "kudu fs dump uuid" prints nothing but a uuid to stdout), but I don't 
feel strongly.

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