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Change subject: [tools]: Keep the verbosity of CLI at FATAL and above

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File src/kudu/tools/

PS1, Line 215:   // Set the verbosity of the commands to WARNING(2) and above.
             :   // If the user had explicitly specified verbosity, then user's
             :   // verbosity level is honored. Since '--v' depends on 
             :   // specifying either of them on CLI will override this setting.
             :   if 
(google::GetCommandLineFlagInfoOrDie("minloglevel").is_default &&
             :       google::GetCommandLineFlagInfoOrDie("v").is_default) {
             :     google::SetCommandLineOption("minloglevel",
             :   }
> "I'm arguing for more verbosity in anything that is "unexpected" or "abnorm
What it we could set up different level of logging for different components?  
I.e., imagine we could set INFO for CLI tools, WARNING for client library, and 
ERROR for util and RPC?

Would it help?

In previous project I worked on that was possible (actually, that was me who 
brought that functionality).  It was also possible to change it dynamically via 
REST interface (for server-side components).  I think we can have something 
similar for Kudu.  That proved to be very useful while tracing some issues 
(e.g., set it to DEBUG level just for one sub-component and leave ERROR for the 

What do you think?

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