On Tue, May 8, 2012 at 6:34 PM, Ian Gardner <ilgard...@yahoo.co.uk> wrote:

> is to write an implementation for the virtual midi/sequencer interface in
> rg in terms of Jack, and you can have a fully portable codebase to all
> platforms out of the box (with the help of cygwin on windows) with midi and
> audio magically working, peace in the middle east, the world's hungry fed
> and the moon on a f*****g stick to boot. I'm not advocating Jack as The Way
> forward btw before the flamethrower is turned in my direction, it just
> occurs as a possibility.


I just wanted to get rid of all that crap.   Jack is callback based, Alsa
demands you check queue timings and keep them topped up/emptied - on top of
that you've got to do all the plugin stuff and audio processing yourself in
your own thread(s).  By the time I'd looked at it all again I'd pretty much
decided that the best way forward was to ditch all the interfaces and go as
simple as possible.  Of course after I decided that Chris suggested I do it
all with JACK audio and midi (which incidently was also my first take on
things) however implementing JACK midi wasn't a shoe-in as far as I could

Anyway - the rtmidi implementation so far is rough and ready - just a proof
of concept.  It needs quite a lot of tightening but in theory that should
be a bit simpler.  Also down the line integration with audio might (I say
might) make more sense.  Just not got around to doing any more in the last
six months - where did _that_ go?

In fact, now I'm reminded of all this, I do have the embryonic beginnings
> of an implementation of the midi stuff in rg in terms of jack somewhere on
> my machine. Should time permit this week (another hearty LOL) I'll dust it
> off and see where I got to with it. I fancy seeing how jack behaves on the
> mac anyways.

Good stuff.  Looking forward to seeing some results!

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