On 8 May 2012 08:23, Richard Bown <richard.b...@ferventsoftware.com> wrote:
>> I have failed.
> What absolute self indulgent rubbish.

Though a very nicely constructed extended metaphor.

I think you're sort-of right that the proper answer ought to be a nice
brisk one about how it's just going the way it has to go and if it
isn't working out for you, well, those are the breaks. And it's been
around this long, people are still enjoying it and developers are
doing new things -- what should we do next to build on this?

But you and I have had a lot of time off from this project, and I
guess both of us did that because we felt a bit like Michael -- as if
every little bug fix ended up being an exploratory dive down a
stinking rabbit hole and each small new idea was a major project to be
written up on a board in marker pen and deliberated over for three
months because it would inevitably break half a dozen other things.
This isn't a codebase that lends itself well to an enjoyable agile

I'm with PMA that you're being far too hard on yourself, Michael -- in
a project like this you don't need to be in a position where you have
an answer for everything. You've been pretty vital to this program's
survival so far, but you know, it is only a computer program -- you
could walk away tomorrow and just see what happens to it. It'd
probably stick around one way or another, and if it didn't, that might
be enough to suggest it didn't matter much to enough people in the
first place. I'm not suggesting you should necessarily do that, but it
might be no bad thing to remember that you can.


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