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On 10 May 2012 13:41, Ian Gardner <ilgard...@yahoo.co.uk> wrote:
> I guess people like me are part of the problem in this regard, turn up one 
> day, chuck something in to do with linked segments and then f. off into the 
> sunset. Fly-by-night, here today and gone tomorrow contributors :-(

Well, you could say anyone who ever wrote any of the code is part of
the problem by now! I know I am.

> I guess one possible way to ameliorate the "bejeesus, this codebase is an 
> unmaintainable spaghetti!" problem is automated testing.

Well, as you know, the difficulty with automated unit testing is the
sheer effort involved in writing tests (after the fact) that cover
more than a tiny percentage of possible cases.

[On another project I'm currently in the middle of porting some
existing unit tests to a different test framework (without changing
their content) just to sit better with the rest of the code. I can't
believe how much work it is -- I never really noticed the initial
effort of writing the tests for that code because I did it at the same
time as writing the code under test, but when you look at it
afterwards there's a heck of a lot of it and I simply can't imagine
doing it all at once after the fact, even if it didn't actually take
any real thought.]

I do like the suggestion of using slightly higher-level test cases
with synthetic series of commands though (given serialisable command
classes). Apart from anything else, then you could supplement
"human-designed" tests with pseudo-random command sequences or fuzz
tests, which would give quite a good tradeoff of effort against


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