On 14/05/12 23:03, Chris Cannam wrote:
> On 13 May 2012 23:56, Cláudio Pinheiro<taup...@gmail.com>  wrote:
>> Rosegarden needs broad visibility by potential users, so it can generate a
>> critical mass that would attract developers that would maintain a sustained
>> growth and (even) better codebase and documentation. To achieve it
>> Rosegarden must walk the multiplatform path. It must be the top priority now
>> for the future's greater good.
> I appreciate this argument, and thank you for articulating it well.
> But I'm afraid I just don't see the evidence in other applications
> that broadening your user base, by porting to other platforms with a
> smaller proportion of developers, helps a great deal with development
> effort.

I agree with Chris. I will add that now a days installing a Linux 
flavour is really easy, and personally Rosegarden (plus some other 
software) together with the improved easiness of installing Linux was 
the motive for me to get back to it and eventually switch, after hard 
times trying to get it to work at the end of the 1990s.
That's to say I would stick and focus to Linux, and who knows this may 
attract other users.

My two cents.

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