"On 10 May 2012 16:18, Richard Bown <richard.b...@ferventsoftware.com> wrote:
> Devs or Interested in Ports

I'm not particularly interested in a Mac port and don't especially
want one, but I'm certainly competent to make one and would try to
help out if there was more general interest.

(Why not particularly interested? I just don't see much evidence from
other projects that it increases the active developer base, it'll only
make for difficulties with users because it's not a very "Mac-like"


I have been relegated to a windows machine while at work.   This creates 
problems in my otherwise amazing and efficient Linux workflow.  Rosegarden is 

Until I save for a personal computer of some kind which I can bring with me and 
use for my Linux DAW, I have to deal with xp.  

The Rosegarden windows version at least gives me hope.  As does the 
qtjack/fluidsysth gui windows port.  Haven't got everything working together 
but just a huge thank you to all those reading this.  I will donate again when 
I can.  Your work is appreciated.  And your tech talk is often hilarious! 

   ♯♫♮♫♭♫ Brian Clem ♭♫♮♫♯♫♮♩
             Music Teacher
   Durrance Elementary School

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