On Monday, May 14, 2012, Brett McCoy wrote:

> ... If you create Windows versions of applications originally developed on
> Linux, you have to do a lot of hand holding for those users to either help
> them compile stuff, or be prepared for loud complaining because the Windows
> support isn't as good as the Linux support (especially for development
> branches).

That's a perfect description of what we've already experienced some taste of 
with the Windows build.

> Unfortunately, I think this gives some Windows users the impression
> that the Linux developers are snobby, unhelpful and arrogant.

I'm sure it does.

For my part, it's some mixture of being totally ignorant of how to do anything 
on Windows, and totally unsympathetic to the Windows user who wants to whine 
about free-as-in-beer software.  They're running Windows!  All the best 
commercial stuff with years of professional development behind it is available 
for that platform.

If they're cheap, that's not my problem.  If they're broke, they should 
probably just switch to Linux, and their unwillingness to do that is not my 

So maybe I am unhelpful, snobby, and arrogant.  I just don't have any use for 
those people.  I dealt with a lot of them when I was a Linux crusader, and I 
fart in their general direction.
D. Michael McIntyre

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