You could focus on how the piece sounds and when you have it the way you
want, make a duplicate and clean it up from a notation point of view. For
notation, I would just use a fermata where the matrix editor is messing
with the notation.
I love the fact that RG is a musical swiss army knife but that does, as
Lorenzo pointed out, introduce trade offs. If you want the best out of the
sequencer and the notation editor, I would make 2 files.


On Wed, Apr 6, 2016 at 6:27 PM, Silas Mortimer <>

> Hi. I'm not only new to Rosegarden, I'm new to computer composing
> beyond using guitarix/Hydrogen/Ardour for recording. I've been working
> on a piece and learning bit by bit as I go along. Of course, this
> means that I'm making a lot of mistakes as I go.
> The trouble winds up in the notation editor. By the time I'm done
> fixing whatever needs to be fixed in what I previously did, the
> notation is left looking terrible, lol. Not *really* the software's
> fault, but I would think that there might be a way to, oh, I don't
> know, hit a button or menu item that would reformat the entire thing
> to be a little more elegant and/or make sense?
> What I'm currently writing is in 2/4 time, in the D melodic minor
> scale. One example is at one point I wanted to make a chord ring out
> longer than I'd originally put it and had already added notes after
> it. I searched for what I should do there, and from what I gather, I
> could only do that in the matrix editor. Is that the case? Anyway, I
> did it there, and the notation not only looks bad, it no longer makes
> sense. I think there might be a whole note listed in one bar (again,
> it's in 2/4), and there's something that should be tied, plays like
> it's tied, but it's not shown that way.
> Is there some way I can keep the music as it is, but discard and
> regenerate the notation? I apologize for my ignorance here.
> I do love being able to do what I'm doing, though. This is a great
> application.
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