On 11/18/19 6:15 PM, Tim Burgess via Rosegarden-user wrote:
If I start rosegarden, I can see messages go by and the Qsynth1 light flash, but no audio. When I exit rosegarden, I get a blare of sound (as if all notes sent are played at once).

Sounds like the events aren't actually being consumed by fluidsynth and are piling up. I see this behavior if I press keys on my keyboard before launching rg. Then they all appear at once.

I'd appreciate any input/thoughts about how to resolve this.

I don't know a lot about qsynth, but it sounds like it might be a good idea to run fluidsynth without qsynth to see if that helps at all. This is covered in my Linux MIDI Guide.

Since you seem to be OK with building software, you will probably find my MIDI Guide interesting. It covers almost everything and might get you to a new and more specific place where the trouble may lie:



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