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>On 11/18/19 6:15 PM, Tim Burgess via Rosegarden-user wrote:
>> If I start rosegarden, I can see messages go by and the Qsynth1 light
>> flash, but no audio. When I exit rosegarden, I get a blare of sound (as 
>> if all notes sent are played at once).
>   Sounds like the events aren't actually being consumed by fluidsynth 
>and are piling up.  I see this behavior if I press keys on my keyboard 
>before launching rg.  Then they all appear at once.
>> I'd appreciate any input/thoughts about how to resolve this.
>   I don't know a lot about qsynth, but it sounds like it might be a 
>good idea to run fluidsynth without qsynth to see if that helps at all.

Another option: Use the fluidsynth DSSI plugin in RG. Works for me and seems to 
handle instrument changes better than RG interacting with Qsynth.

>This is covered in my Linux MIDI Guide.
>   Since you seem to be OK with building software, you will probably 
>find my MIDI Guide interesting.  It covers almost everything and might 
>get you to a new and more specific place where the trouble may lie:
>   http://tedfelix.com/linux/linux-midi.html

Hey, that guide is great. Thanks for making it!

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